Pre-Concept study for Mineral Transport in Queensland

 What was the challenge? Our client, a Queensland-based industrial minerals producer, was contemplating the development of a large-scale bulk product transport to the Port of Townsville. The transport for export was proposed to leverage an existing and disused railway alignment. The challenge was to determine and whether a rail-based transport system could be developed and…
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Port of Townsville Master Rail Planning

Bryce Jones Leads 30-Year Master Rail Planning for a Port Terminal

The Port of Townsville has undertaken master planning in areas other than rail and needed expertise in rail planning to complete the picture. Projectus teamed up with Balance Advisory to develop a 30-Year Rail Master Plan for the port. This spanned from short term operational improvements through 10-year stages to an ultimate plan for operations…
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concept studies, rail operational planning and commercial expertise

Iron Ore Transport Studies – South Australia

What was the challenge? A South Australian iron ore producer was contemplating the development of a new, high tonnage ore supply to be transported to a terminal adjacent to an existing port and industrial area. Involving significant haulage distances, the operating cost was deemed a major challenge that would require innovative solutions. To address the…
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Projectus Assists Client in Development of Major Rail Project in Asia

Projectus is currently working with a client in preparation for the development of a $1.5Bn greenfield railway project in Asia. Following funding and approvals, our role would include studies/project services, owner’s engineer, operations planning and commercial contracts.

Projectus Waterfront Toronto Project Management Review

Projectus Undertakes Project Management Review on the $5Bn Waterfront Toronto Program in Canada

Projectus recently provided professional project management review services to the largest urban revitalisation project currently under way in North America, Ontario Canada’s $5Bn Waterfront Toronto program. Bryce Jones carried out a comprehensive independent review and appraisal of the project management organisation, structure and systems for the major project in the program, the $1.25Bn Port Lands…
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