Pre-Concept study for Mineral Transport in Queensland

Pre-Concept study for Mineral Transport in Queensland

 What was the challenge?

Our client, a Queensland-based industrial minerals producer, was contemplating the development of a large-scale bulk product transport to the Port of Townsville.

The transport for export was proposed to leverage an existing and disused railway alignment. The challenge was to determine and whether a rail-based transport system could be developed and provide an economic solution for exporting products.

What we did

Projectus undertook pre-concept level investigations, assessing a number of potential railway systems and operating configurations; one of which included options for connecting into the Queensland Rail network and to the Port of Townsville. Having previously contributed to both these existing infrastructure developments, we were able to draw on our considerable operating knowledge to deliver the initial study. Working with a selected allied engineering partner, track designs appropriate to the level of study were also provided to the client.

This work drew upon our broad range of capabilities in all aspects of railway development, specifically, our history with commercially driven asset development strategies, rail track configuration, rail-specific supply chain operations planning and modelling, technical requirements for the track and rolling stock, rail regulations and operating cost modelling.

The output of these capabilities, and the initial investigations were consolidated into a comprehensive report covering indicative modelling that informed the client of future operating costs, for their evaluation of overall project viability. With our deep experience in Queensland heavy-haul rail developments, our report to the client outlined the requirements and various components of development activities and respective timeframes required for major projects similar to the proposed development project.

What was the outcome?

Through the early stages of the study, our allied engineering consultant investigated a number of aspects and viability of the old rail corridor, with no indicated showstoppers.

Our initial study, subsequent report and recommendations received by the client exceeded expectations and has resulted in additional detailed investigations into operating railway and development scenarios.

With the advice concluding that a large-scale railway operation was viable and economic, the client is continuing with mine development activities and further field investigations.

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